AIDA64 1.65 Premium Apk – For Android Mod Cracked Download

AIDA64 1.65 Premium Apk

AIDA64 1.65 Premium Apk

It is one of the most popular Android hardware detection tools that can show you all of the information about your system. Even more, if you want to know about your full smartphone system real info like CPU Android battery etc option this application is perfect for the user. So, the user separately gets information about their soc model core architecture processes. AIDA64 1.65 premium apk for android with mod and cracked apk also shows the CPU cores revision and different core clock speed details. Get full information about your battery level and health and show the battery capacity and voltage information. Customize the temperature unit and what’s about lots of languages mod can unlock all of the paid license options.

Through this application, you also can show the system files of your devices and know about your battery thermal. The user also can change the system info update frequency easy to enable the sensor option. Easy to find out the total available memory of your devices and also show the real manufacturing date. AIDA64 Premium 1.65 apk full free easily analyze your network use and current location of your device and also get all the information about your Wi-Fi. So, easy to find out the Java runtime information and give the OpenSSL information about your smartphone. Also, show the CPU load speed as a percentage and you the real CPU Abi.

AIDA64 Premium 1.65 Apk
  • Best hardware detection application.
  • View all of the real sticks.
  • Get the premium license.
  • Fully customize the settings.
  • Also can view the system info.
  • Very simple user interface.
  • Get the flexible user window.
  • Easy to send the report.
  • Very fast load speed.
  • Need one click to view the API level.
  • View the focus mode details.
  • Also, view the clock speed.
  • Get all of the display details.
  • Use the powerful sensor.
  • Need one click to show the apps.
  • Easy to get all of the codes here.
  • Know about your battery health.
  • Simple programming interface.
  • View all the directories.

AIDA64 Premium 1.65 Apk



Premium Apk: Download (Size: 7.6 MB)