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Every time we want to share the modified apps and games that are fully customized by us. We are doing it for practicing and education purpose, not for any business purpose. All of the website content uploaded into our server and every post is written by us. website never want to violate any website and company or community. All of the content review by our site but being a team sometimes something going wrong. For this reason, anyone who visit our site and think that our website has a content that violates any website or company just contact us in this email “[email protected]” we will contact you soon and remove the content from our site that you informed. Before giving any DMCA or Copyright strick please fully read the DMCA and About US page.

Note that we are doing everything only for the practicing and educational purpose to increase knowledge. Sharing the content into the website to get the user opinion that our customizing apps and games work or not. Never hesitated if we have any fault and our team member make any mistake.

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