Dr.Web Security Space Pro Life 12.5.0 Apk – Free Download

Dr.Web Security Space Life 12.5.0 Apk

Dr.Web Security Space Life 12.5.0 Apk

It is a very powerful malware protecting antivirus application for Android that can protect your device from hackers. For this reason, your device is safe from any kind of crash damage or anyone can’t access your mobile. It simply protect your device from a big change or any unusual activity. Dr.Web Security Space Life 12.5.0 apk support an advanced scan option that can fully scan your full device. It support URL filtering that can help you when you search on the web and it set added URL by the website category. Another important facility of this security tool is it supports the most powerful anti theft protection that is very essential for every device.

So, the user safely uses the parental control option and has the full control to manage the firewall. Also can restore all of the settings in one click and it so you the notification and alert you when is find any virus affected file. Dr.Web Security Space Apk also can update the virus database from the internet and backup all of the settings. This antivirus also a very smart application for this season it can skip all of the system application and files for this season your smartphone never face any problem. This application of support solder guard option and again the real time statistics.

Dr.Web Security Space Life Apk

This app auto find the issue and show the yellow screen on the interface if it finds out any problem on your device. The user needs one click to find out the problem and take step by step instructions to fix it. It supports the smart message and calls filtering option where you can simply accept or reject any specific number in a very simple way to configure it. Dr.Web Security Space Life Apk is the only tool that also can auto find the injection source of the device. Not only it works as an antivirus app for Android also it can be used for secure and healthy the device. Very simple to insert the white or blacklist website URL into the filter option. To get the boost performance you just need to give this has the grant access of the device that you need to manually configure.

Dr.Web Security Space Life Apk

Find out the status of the app where is shows the scanned files. Show the process that you recently complete and view the threads number. Also, use the quarantine status to decide the tools of the status and show the size of it. This latest app can perform three different scans like the express customers and full. Dr.Web Security Space Pro 12.5.0 Apk express scan a very short time and find out the live virus but by using customers can you can simply find out any specific place that you want to scan. But a full scan takes a little bit time and works any specific file that you store into your storage. Its preview the running scan details into the dashboard and bottom of the interface get the percentage and remaining that may it needed.

Dr.Web Security Space Pro 12.5.0 Apk
  • Get the best protection for malware.
  • Protect your device from hackers.
  • Also, filter all of the URL here.
  • Fully protect your browser.
  • The most powerful anti theft protection.
  • Control all of the firewall settings.
  • Support very fast scanning.
  • Filter all of the SMS and call.
  • It also can fix the security problem.
  • Easy to update the database.
  • Dr.Web Security Space Pro Apk.
  • Also, get the quick support here.
  • Notify and alert you about the problem.
  • The user gets a lifetime license.
  • Very easy controlling option.
  • Manage the addition of settings.
  • Get a flexible interface.
  • Export and import settings.


Dr.Web Security Space Pro 12.5.0 Apk



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