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Es File Explorer Pro Apk

Es File Explorer Pro Apk

It is one of the most uses Android file explorer app in 2019 that is very simple and easy to find out any emails app music document movies videos etc. Support quick analyze and clean features that speed up the browsing and system speed. You can quickly play or open your file by using this app. Es File Explorer Pro Apk support four themes. Before using non default theme you just need to download those skin from the store. Finally, here you can one click analyzing option that can find your storage information. So, the user can use lots of new themes and the most important feature of the app is it support root explorer that can find your system path that is very essential for every expert.

It also supports recycle bin and easy to encrypt any personal data. The user also can back up their personal data from here and easily manage startup applications. It show you an easy share icon and the user can keep their personal information to the cloud directly. Es File Explorer Pro Apk supports FTP sftp ftps server to upload and it is a flexible file manager that every user needed. Above all, this new version is fully bug fixes and the users can use it as the default explorer app that support all of the file formats. Open all of the files without any third party application and has the ability to use different themes..

Es File Explorer Pro Apk

Not only this app works perfect file aur folder explorer but also it has the ability to analyze the full storage of your device. In very short time it find out all of the large files bin data redundant files. So, it show everything by different category. If anyone want to find out the duplicate files of the device it can easily do that. Es File Explorer Pro Apk the user simply use hair a recycle bin for this reason, unfortunately, deleted files can be back from there. By using this as music and assembly connect to the cloud drive. It show the app’s movies cast picture music in one place. If the expert want to access into the robot location it simply do that and also can show the hidden files off the device.

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This app supports the thumbnail view of the files and it’s support lots of tools here. The user has full control to display the settings of every specific option and alloys all of the history report into the recent option. Show the USB plugin the notification as a popup window and show the space warning. Es File Explorer Pro Apk quickly change the home directory. Hence, other specific locations of the storage by using this app from the settings. Very simple to export all of the settings configuration and input the password to protect this app. Add your needed option folder or files into the favorite location to quickly find out.

ES File Explorer Premium Apk

Send your file to desktop and quickly share it by using different apps. Also, open your file with third party applications and find out the file properties. Into the selected file details of sun quickly open the path last modified date size used etc. ES File Explorer Premium Apk rename your file from the directory. Quickly copy or move file one place to another place. Not only this app is a powerful explorer and file modifier but also it has the ability to transfer files from your device to PC. It simply transfers all data by using the net connection. Quickly find out file or folder by using the search icon and it show the space percentage top of the auction.

This latest version supports auto backup solutions. It’s very simple to clean all of the junk space in a few steps. Very simple to find out the documents sender files show your files on PC. Not only this app show your file but also it simply encrypts the personal file by using a password and keep secure everything. ES File Explorer Premium Apk also works as it perfect online file downloader app that save all of the file by different category. Need one click to show or hide the files and very simple to replace everything if you can’t get the latest interface and changes. Here, no need any third party app here and use the remote play option here.

ES File Explorer Premium Apk

The coolest option of this app is it supports lots of file view options. Where you can use the large medium small details list etc view. This tool also can modify all of the existing views why lots of options. Clear all of the history and cache statuses here and quickly manage all of the search settings here. ES File Explorer File Manager Pro 4.2.0 Apk mod premium supports dawn dark summer theme to use. It shows the recently uses file by time on the dashboard. When the user opens any specific file by using this app it autoloads all of the existing files into the same location and quickly loads the next file from here. It also has the ability to open the archive file by using this application. Quickly create the new file or folder at any place.

ES File Explorer File Manager Pro 4.2.0 Apk
  • Support the smart view of the file.
  • Advanced programming option.
  • One click cleaning facilities.
  • So easy to analyze the SD card.
  • Show system and installed app.
  • Support quick search icon.
  • One click refresh option here.
  • Use a different view mode.
  • So, it support root explorer.
  • Get all of the premium features.
  • ES File Explorer Mod Apk.
  • Used this mod app without ads.
  • Storage all option by category.
  • Boost the device performance.
  • Also, find out the large file.
  • Quick add any option to favorite.
  • Show all of the history statuses.
  • Use the recycle bin option.
  • Show all if the hidden files.
  • Advanced networking option.

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Premium Apk: Download (Size: 17.8 MB)

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