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MiXplorer Silver ApkMiXplorer Silver Apk

One of the most powerful and flexible file explorer application for Android that supports open option bar and quickly customizes any specific option without inserting any settings. So, the user gets the internal storage and finds out the root system location by using this app. It also can add the customized bookmark into the navigation option. MiXplorer Silver Apk quickly rename your selected files but use the same to different options and quickly archive or encrypt your specific file. You need one click to copy or move the specific items one place to another place. Show the selected items number and file size top option and get the full properties. Add the file to home screen bookmarks playlist text etc from here and manually add storage.

Into the details find out the actual path size of the selected items modified date type of format permissions etc. It supports direct share button fire share any items by using an internal and external application. Get the quick finding option of the bottom of the window and quickly insert any items with lots of filtering options here. MiXplorer Apk can quickly identify your inserted items but find out in a very easy and quick way. Another best option that can change the item view of the app is it supports a different view of the files like compact minimal grid gallery details etc view. Need one click to reset all of the settings that recently sensors and export all of the configuration to the storage.

MiXplorer Silver 6.43.2 Apk

Not only it works as a perfect file explorer app but also it has the ability to secure content from anyone that is very essential for every user. It is very simple to create a new folder and file and directly use the Keystore and symbolic link here. MiXplorer Silver 6.43.2 Apk with cracked support the quick selection facility where the user needs one click to select all of the available folders and items from the interface. Need one click to refresh everything and store all of the available folders and files by different categories like name size get type folders fast and sections. Another best option is the user has the ability to the height the items from the storage and quickly share the link.

MiXplorer Silver 6.43.2 Apk

It can identify and show the hidden file and also can lock ok the app by using this tool. Into this latest version get the two different skin like dark and difficult white skin. Also can use different advance and customize the buttons here. It supports the director’s thumbnails view of the folders all files. MiXplorer 6.43.2 Apk Silver pro mod direct accesses into the route location but very simple to change the view of the window. Another call option is it supports the auto task facility and quickly manage the toolbars from the settings. Enable or disable load and manage the bottom with supporting the drawing and quickly and all of the senses from the settings.

MiXplorer 6.43.2 Apk
  • Powerful file explorer Android app.
  • Support internal and external storage.
  • Customize all of the available options.
  • Also, simply access the root folder.
  • It supports lots of different views.
  • So, use the quick search icon here.
  • Quickly create the new file and folders.
  • Filters all of the items by different option.
  • Need one click to select all items.
  • It supports a quick refresh button.
  • MiXplorer Apk views all of the recent browsings.
  • Easily lock this app by using key or pattern.
  • Send all of the existing log files.
  • Remove all recent activity in one click.
  • Support one click move and copy option.
  • Find out the selected file properties.
  • Support a quick archive option.
  • So, it can pin or unpin items.
  • View the available items.

MiXplorer 6.43.2 Apk



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